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Science Skills

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Why have we created Reach Out CPD?

by Professor Robert Winston

“If you’re going to single out the most important job in our society, it has to be teaching.

Whenever I stand in front of a primary school class it’s a bit terrifying because they will ask the most difficult questions about science.

It’s often harder to teach an 8 year-old than an 18 year-old, but the rewards are massive because of the enthusiasm you gain. If we want a better society, we have to invest in these younger children.

Science isn’t just for scientists

Primary science isn’t just about nurturing the scientists of the future. It’s about ensuring every child develops a natural curiosity about the world around them and starts to think analytically about situations.

Why should I eat this food or that food? Why is this product better than that? Why should I vote for this energy policy? Science is behind so many of today’s decisions, let alone tomorrow’s.

Helping teachers feel confident

Teachers are key to creating this science-literate society. They can inspire children to think more scientifically. Teacher confidence has been proven to impact children’s outcomes in science, but, naturally, most primary school teachers don’t have a science background.

That’s why we have developed Reach Out CPD – to give every primary school teacher the professional development, support and materials they need to teach science with confidence. And to make it fun!

Imperial is proud to be championing this initiative.”

Courses and resources to help you inspire young learners

Over 30 courses for teaching 5-11 year olds cover everything from plants to planets. Each one provides teachers with concise topic knowledge and a whole raft of resources to use in class, including captivating short videos, practical activities and experiments, whiteboard visuals and more.

Topics covered include:

Seasonal Changes
Environment and Habitats
Light and Sound
Forces and Magnets
Future of Energy
Working Scientifically

Food and Feeding
Body Systems
Planet Earth and Space
Animals and Humans
Rocks and Soils

A partnership between Tigtag and Imperial College London

Tigtag, a part of Twig Education, is an award-winning provider of captivating short films and resources for primary schools. Reach Out CPD includes a whole series of brand new films created by Tigtag to inspire teachers with imaginative classroom ideas.

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Imperial College London is one of the world’s leading science universities. Imperial’s move to support primary education is an extension of its existing outreach work, aimed at raising the aspirations of students and inspiring them to study science, technology, engineering and medicine. Through Reach Out CPD teachers will learn directly from Imperial experts about the science they need to cover in the classroom.

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